About Us


Providing you Sea Moss like the pristine waters of St. Lucia is right next to you.


Understanding and fulfilling the demands for St. Lucian's wild-crafted sea moss is the main thing that has been keeping us going since day one. Your road to success will become dreadful at most parts of the journey; and what good does success do to a person when they’re not in the best shape?


At Rickey Ray’s Gold Sea Moss, we aim to give you a consistent supply of the ‘good stuff’ so you can do and achieve more in life.


After following the world-renowned herbalist Dr. Sebi for years since 2002, we’ve become big believers that nature is indeed abundant with resources that aid us in the growth and recovery of our bodies. But knowing where to get quality sea moss has become challenging for many people. This is why we started our brand to bring you authentic, St. Lucian wild-crafted sea moss so you can achieve all of its powerful benefits whenever you need them.


Like many of our satisfied customers have experienced, Rickey Ray’s sea moss is not the watered-down version of the beneficial plant. Our sea moss is harvested from the pristine waters of beautiful St. Lucia. It is completely sun-dried and grows 8 to 9 times its weight once hydrated. One of the best parts of our reviews is how we handle shipping and getting your orders to you at the quickest time possible.


Living healthy is a habit that requires consistency and we want people to become the best versions of themselves every single day of their lives. By putting enormous effort into customer experience and speedy shipping, we’re not only on our road to becoming the world’s #1 direct supplier of sea moss, but we’re also taking you with us to realize your own success with a healthy mind and body. 



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