What is Irish Moss/Sea Moss?

Irish Moss and Sea Moss are not to be mistaken as the same. In fact, the two have key differences which are important to consider in choosing what’s best for your health! 

To have a clear understanding, we need to clear up any confusion on the term Sea Moss. Sea Moss is more of an umbrella term describing different types of seaweed that carry different health benefits depending on the species. The two main types commonly known and sought in the market today are a. Eucheuma Cottonii , and b. Chondrus Crispus. 

Eucheuma Cottonii is what we have come to know as Sea Moss. It is largely found in the warm waters of Jamaica and St. Lucia. It is highly available and comes with high nutritional content, which is why there is such high demand for this product both for families seeking overall supplementation and enthusiasts pursuing the vegan and organic way. 

Chondrus Crispus, which is more commonly known as Irish Moss, mostly got its name because of its role during Irish Potato Famine of the 1800. Back then, it was the seaweed that helped the population’s survival. Now, it is mainly sought in the same reason people seek Sea Moss. It is also high in nutritional content but is more expensive owing to its limited supply. The Irish Moss is also known to have a stronger smell than the Sea Moss which discourages a few from consuming it. 

What are the Benefits of Sea Moss?

Besides being an all-natural, vegan, and organic option, it is a nutritional aid that targets key areas necessary in maintaining optimum health. It contains vitamins and some trace minerals including: calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, selenium, folate, potassium. 

It is also known for the following health benefits: 

  1. As expectorant, it helps clear the lungs of mucus; 
  2. It boosts collagen production for younger-looking skin; 
  3. Strengthens joints and connective tissue with its anti-inflammatory properties;
  4. Aids in digestion with its prebiotic properties that create a healthy gut environment; and
  5. Timed-release quality that ensures observed benefits when used over a period of time. 

How do you consume sea moss?

While there are a few who enjoy eating sea moss in its original state, the light taste of sea moss makes it perfect to mix into a smoothie by blending. You may opt to blend it in with fruits and vegetables of your choosing to make an enjoyable drink. It would be hard to detect the taste of sea moss in this kind of mix! 

What is the shelf life of sea moss?

Rickey Ray’s Sea Moss is good for up to a year in its raw, original state if the packet is unopened. When blended into a smoothie, your sea moss gel may last from 3-4 weeks when refrigerated. 

We suggest refrigerating after blending into a smoothie for optimum freshness! It is not recommended to leave the blended mix out at room temperature as this would affect the freshness of your sea moss gel. 

How fast before I can see results from taking sea moss? 

Sea Moss is known for its overall health benefits for all individuals. That said, every individual is different! Each person has their own specific health needs and health conditions that will be different from the other. If you would like a clear baseline as a reference for how much your body has improved while taking sea moss, a blood work would be a good place to start.  

That is not to say that it’s impossible to determine when you’ll be able to see results. Sea moss as a nutritional aid has a timed-release quality which means that as you continue on your journey with sea moss in your routine diet, you are guaranteed to see results. The duration of that, however, will depend on your current condition, needs, and lifestyle. For best results, taking sea moss while regulating food intake, sleep and physical activities is advised. 

How long does it take for orders to ship out?

After placing an order, we will need at least 2-3 business days for processing. Your package will be shipped out immediately after and you may expect to receive your package after 3-5 business days of placing your order. 

As a homegrown brand, we want to take care that your packages will reach you in the best condition. This entails giving careful attention to each step of the process as we ship your product to your doorstep. If you have any concerns on your package, you may simply send us a message and we’ll take care of it for you. 

Do you sell Irish Moss?

YES we do sell Irish Moss "Chondrus Crispus"

Do you ship Gel? 

We do not offer Sea Moss Gel products at this time. Creating Sea Moss Gel entails blending raw Sea Moss in liquid to form a ge. This shortens the shelf life of a Sea Moss product unless mixed with any type of preservative. 

Because we value providing a natural, vegan and organic option as nutritional aid fit for everyone, we have opted for unadulterated Sea Moss in our products. 

Can I add anything to make it taste better?

Definitely! A lot of sea moss enthusiasts actually mix it in with fruits and/or vegetables to create a smoothie - a homemade sea moss gel. Rickey Ray’s Sea Moss has such a subtle taste that it doesn’t overpower other ingredients in your mix! In fact, you can even make your smoothie into something fruit-flavored and refrigerate to be something of a post-workout recovery drink. It’s also a perfect breakfast substitute that’s both filling and delicious! 

In some Asian cultures, sea moss is even mixed into the spices of a main dish for that desired taste of fresh, seafood delicacy. It is mixed in for the unique spice it adds to a meal, but besides being tasty, it’s also super healthy! 

Do you have a physical location where I can shop?

For wholesale buyers, you may send us a message so we can set an appointment for you to visit our warehouse and shop. If you’re interested in buying retail, feel free to reach out so we can let you know where to find us! 

How much Sea Moss can you consume daily?

While Sea Moss is a well-rounded nutritional aid for overall health, we advise against taking large amounts of sea moss in a day. It has high iodine content that when taken excessively, will have a poisonous effect on the body leading to goiter, thyroid cancer, and hyper- or hypo-thyroidism. 

At most, two tablespoons of sea moss in a day should be enough as an overall nutritional aid. When in doubt, you may also seek the advice of your physician, healthcare professional, OB-GYN for pregnant women and pediatrician for kids. Since each individual’s nutritional needs are different, it is always best to have the approval of a professional! 

What is the difference between the colors?

Sea Moss naturally comes in many different colors, and while there are some who will say that their difference does not go beyond these colors, it is important to note that these colors are a result of their specific habitat and the nourishment they received while growing.

This is why Rickey Ray’s Sea Moss comes in 3 different colors, each with their specific and targeted benefits for a particular health concern. Of course, there is more than one health benefit that is similarly reflected among all the 3 options. But each has its own outstanding and distinct health benefit to offer!

Where is your Sea Moss from?

Rickey Ray’s Sea Moss is a raw, natural, wildcrafted nutritional aid sourced from the island of St. Lucia. We also carry Irish Moss from North East United States as Well as North East Canada where you see little to any traffic from boats, ships etc.