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Gold Sea Moss

Wholesale | 2oz | Full Spectrum Sea Moss(XO) | St. Lucia

Wholesale | 2oz | Full Spectrum Sea Moss(XO) | St. Lucia

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Full Spectrum 2oz Bundle Deal 

  • Keep your system intact. At a time where everyone is exposed to a high risk of infection, it’s important to stay healthy. Our Full Spectrum Sea Moss has antimicrobial properties that discourage the growth of bad bacteria internally for optimum health.
  • Reduce swelling and redness. Aging comes with a set of challenges that we’d really rather not deal with. The good news is this nutritional aid is made with anti-inflammatory properties so you can feel light and satisfied at the end of a hard day!
  • Better digestion for better health. Several studies have shown that hydrocolloids in the digestive tract help control glycemic and cholesterol levels and ultimately help prevent diabetes and heart disease.

  • Maintenance of digestive health. Good digestion goes with a healthy gut environment. Maintain your digestive health with the prebiotic properties of this aid and avoid all sorts of diseases.

  •  Fitter you. With better digestion comes the health benefit of weight management. Witness your progress with the regular addition of this nutritional aid to your dietary routine!

Rickey Ray’s Full Spectrum Sea Moss XO is a healthy addition to your routine that will secure your place for a lifetime of comfort. Order now and see lasting results for a better life! 

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