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Wholesale | 2oz | Gold Sea Moss | St. Lucia

Wholesale | 2oz | Gold Sea Moss | St. Lucia

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Gold Sea Moss 2oz Bundle

The days of experimenting with every digestive supplement on the market are a thing of the past now. Today, relying on natural and organic aids is the more popular choice. And it’s not for nothing!

We know that relying on conventional digestive aids only yielded little to no results for most people, and that’s where we come in. Rickey Ray’s Gold Sea Moss is a potent, all-natural product containing vitamins and minerals that are specifically targeted to aid in digestion without harming your system.

 With the addition of our Gold Sea Moss in your supplement routine, you can turn your gut health around and expect that better days are coming!


  • Manage your weight easily! When your gut environment is all out of balance, it’s difficult to get in a proper diet or routine. The Gold Sea Moss can help with its prebiotic properties that can reduce bad bacteria in your gut for better digestion. 


  • Boost your mood. Our Gold Sea Moss naturally contains nutrients like potassium and magnesium that are known to enhance your mood. You’ll get more things done when you’re not so down!

  • Thermoregulation for health. Iron-deficient individuals often experience difficulties maintaining an internal temperature which causes them to feel colder than the average person, sometimes to an unbearable degree. With the healthy iron content of this potent vegetable, you can take care of that with ease.

  • For healthy blood pressure. As a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, you can keep a healthy blood pressure with a routine addition of our Gold Sea Moss in your diet.

  • Have a healthy heart! With healthy blood pressure comes the reduced risk of contracting heart diseases. Stay healthy and happy with sea moss in your diet!

Rickey Ray’s Gold Sea Moss is a revolutionary digestive aid that can take care of your health needs for a better gut environment. Order now and see lasting results for a better life!

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