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Sea Moss T-Shirt | "I would talk to you" T-Shirt

Sea Moss T-Shirt | "I would talk to you" T-Shirt

You’re fun, you’re daring, you’re the perfect Sea Moss darling!

Sea Moss has taken the health industry by storm just by being an all-natural remedy to almost every health concern on the planet. Besides being a healthy edible nutritional aid for internal health, it also works great as a topical to help speed up the skin’s healing process for various conditions!

It only makes sense that people will be talking about it, and it never hurts to let them know that you’re in on it. It’s both anopen secret and an inside joke that only fellow moss aficionados will know!

What makes it a perfect T:

  • Genderless fit – It’s a genderless fit that works great with anybody's frame! It falls ever so slightly loose with a Euro Fit for a great casual appeal.

  • Absolute comfort – Made of 100% cotton, feel your oats and look great in comfort!

  • Lifetime value – With the added twill tape on its shoulder seams, it’s a durable make that won’t wear out easily!

  • Easy style – For tees, one added seam is one too many. You won’t see any side seams on this shirt because we like it classic.

  • Sell your statement! – Attract the right people in your circle with this cute and funny statement that says you’re free to vibe!

The “I Would Talk to You” T-shirt is a great tee that can help you size them up for top-grade See Moss mastery.  Order today and have your very own gateway to the Sea Moss fandom!