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Gold Sea Moss

Sea Moss Soap- Floral Bliss

Sea Moss Soap- Floral Bliss

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Finally, a selection that centers you at the end of any day. Bring your psyche to a balance with the wonderful fragrance of the rare essential oil, Neroli, as its' benefits have long been used in overall health management. Honey glycerin and Shea soap bases mixed together with African black soap crumbles throughout. This soap is rich with relaxing benefits, moisturizing and hydrating properties that makes for the perfect evening bath time selection. 


  • Honey glycerin and Shea butter bases work together moisturize the skin, fight skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, as well as protect against harmful UV radiation from sun exposure.

  • African black soap has been used to treat acne, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, improve eczema and heal the appearance of dark spots.

  • Sea moss powder is bursting with vitamins and minerals that work toward hydration, a radiant appearance and provides a light exfoliation targeting blemishes and dark spots. It also contains vitamin c which is responsible for healing spots from over-exposure to sun.

  • Clary Sage contains linalyl acetate, a phytochemical that heals rashes. Essentially, this powerful compound works to reduce skin inflammation, heal the epidermis and soothe skin.

  • Neroli oil is derived from an orange blossom tree. This wonderful oil contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that work to fight against acne breakouts. It contains antioxidants that fight free radicals and also aids in slowing the process of aging. Neroli and clary sage pair together to create a fragrance that reduces stress and helps the brain release serotonin, and reduce cortisone levels. 

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