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Sea Moss, Maca Root & Nettle Leaf Capsules

Sea Moss, Maca Root & Nettle Leaf Capsules

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Boosts Energy: Impacts energy levels, mood, and stamina. Used in sports and athletics.  Maca stabilizes blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels determine energy levels.  Also maintains adrenal health which further impacts energy and mood.

Muscle Building:  Muscle building properties are found in Maca root. Rich in bioactive proteins that promote natural muscle growth.  Has 18% of proteins, which makes it a popular supplement for athletes and bodybuilders. Along with muscle strength, it boosts energy and improves endurance and performance.

Increases memory retention and learning Power:  Has been shown to enhance cognitive ability and regulate the hypothalamus, the region of the brain situated just above the pituitary gland which plays a key role in balancing energy and focus.

Good for Bone Health:  Maca and Nettle Leaf is rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and silica, making bones stronger and preventing the risk of bone-related ailments.

Creates an environment for Optimal health: This supplement protects kidney and urinary tract health, boosts the immune system, balances blood pressure and blood sugars. It is rich in antioxidants that help reduce the number of free radicals. Research has shown that an extract of nettle Leaf has caused cell death to cancer cells in the prostate.  This may be a treatment for prostate tumors.

Improves fertility and testosterone: 

Men notice an increase in virility around 8-12 weeks. It increases sperm creation, production, and mobility. For women, this supplement supports healthy menstruation, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.

Supports Prostate Health:  Prevents the binding up of hormones, thus, preventing prostate enlargement. 

Supports Healthy Milk Supply: The consumption of Maca root and nettle leaves has been proven to increase breast milk production. 

Regulates Hormones:  Maca and Nettle leaves are rich in Amino Acids which is a building block of hormones. It has 20 amino acids, 8 of which are essential for producing regulated hormones in men. It targets the endocrine system, regulates adrenal and thyroid hormone production, and increases estrogen levels in women.



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