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Sea Moss Soap- "112" (Peaches & Cream)

Sea Moss Soap- "112" (Peaches & Cream)

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Sea Moss Soap (PEACHES AND CREAM) Sea Moss Soap | Rosemary | Frangrance oil | Sea Moss Soap | Exfoliating Pouch | "112" (Peaches and Cream)

Cleansing and exfoliation go hand in hand when it comes to taking care of your skin. But sometimes, it can get a tad too harsh that it causes irritations and redness!

Keeping light and bright-looking skin is especially a challenge if you don’t have the right products at hand. If you’re just starting to match things up to get the skincare routine that will give you that glass skin, then you’ll need something that’s gentle, natural, and effective.

“The 112” Sea Moss Soap is designed with the intention of protecting the skin during cleansing and exfoliation. With this gentle but effective formulation, you won’t have to risk harsh treatments or products that can damage your skin!


  • Maximum comfort with treatment. Formulated with shea is known to infuse deep moisturization and treat acne and skin blemishes, this soap is a powerhouse that can take on multiple roles!

  • Cleansing softness. It’s also formulated with hemp which is known to help moisturization and easy cleansing. Hemp infuses moisture without the typical clogging like in store-bought products.

  • For ease. With Rosemary infused into this product, it carries anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce irritation, itching, and redness on your skin.

  • Relaxing experience. The light notes of rosemary with fragrances of peaches and cream create a scent that draws your senses in for a relaxing experience.

  • Efficient storage. The free soap saver pouch is perfect storage that can minimize excess melting of your soap. It also doubles as a light exfoliating tool for that much enviable glass skin!

“The 112” Sea Moss Soap is a gentle powerhouse that can take care of your skin’s moisture while addressing blemishes for bright-looking skin. Order today and revel in the steady improvement you’ll see on your skin!

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