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Wholeseale | Black Soap in a Bag | Sea Moss Soap | 4.5oz

Wholeseale | Black Soap in a Bag | Sea Moss Soap | 4.5oz

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Bringing back youth is next to impossible if you’re not willing to invest in dermatological innovations that subvert the realities of aging. Do take note though that we say it’s only next to impossible because, with the right choices, there can still be away!

Keeping our youth shouldn’t be restricted only to those who have the time and the money to undergo invasive treatments. We heard you, and we can take care of it with our “Black Soap in a Bag” Sea Moss Soap.

“Black Soap in a Bag” Sea Moss Soap was inspired by the idea of being able to keep younger-looking skin without having to sacrifice your savings in exchange for beauty. It’s an all-natural solution that will let you live your dream of lasting youth!


  • Never tricky! The African Black Soap is known to be suitable for all skin types so you won’t have to worry about trial-testing this product only to get disappointed. It’s a guaranteed fit!

  • Keep your youth and your money. With properties that can help reduce fine lines, dark spots, and razor bumps, you’ll get to see yourself grow younger without having to break the bank!

  • Stay ahead. It’s infused with moisturizing properties that can help reduce the effects of acne and eczema. With regular use, you can also keep skin conditions at bay and avoid unnecessary spending at the salon.

  • Get clear, glass-like skin! Infused with a healthy amount of Vitamin E, it has antioxidant properties that detoxify the skin to remove impurities and pollutants.

  • Efficient storage. The free soap saver pouch is perfect storage that can minimize excess melting of your soap. It also doubles as a light exfoliating tool for that much enviable glass skin!


Our “Black Soap in a Bag” Sea Moss Soap is the best deal you can find that will help you bring back youth in the most inexpensive fashion. Order today and get liberated with tomorrow’s youthful skin!

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